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What Your Period Says About Your Health

Each woman experiences a period in a different way to other women, but what is true for all women is that their period is an excellent indicator of their general health. Your period can highlight any changes to your well being that you may not have been aware of. Regular periods are a great gage that you are in good health, whereas irregular flows, heavy periods or painful periods can indicate conditions that you should seek to look further into.

Periods and health go hand in hand so it is important that if you have any concerns regarding your period that you get in touch with Gynaesthetics London. We offer consultations, diagnosis and treatment at our relaxing, private gynaecology clinic in London.

Our expert team here at Gynaesthetics London, which includes both male and female gynaecologists, have put together a number of health issues and conditions that women may come to recognise through the level of regularity and consistency of their periods.

Thyroid Problems
If your periods are irregular then this change in your period could mean that there may be problems with your thyroid. Issues with the thyroid can lead to a number of other noticeable things such as weight gain, fatigue or depression.

Stress can also massively impact your periods, they can become irregular and even stop altogether. So, if that occurs it could be an indicator that you are stressed and may need to take the time to visit a doctor to discuss the options at your disposal, especially with it effecting your periods and general health.

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Weight Issues
Being at a healthy weight allows your hormones to remain balanced, which gives you the best chance of having regular, consistent periods. However, if you over or underweight, then your hormone balance can be impacted. This can also can cause irregular periods, while in extreme cases in which weight gain or loss is combined with overtraining then your periods can stop completely. If you have steady, uninterrupted periods then it is most likely you are at a healthy weight.

Reproductive System Problems
Changes in your period, particularly if they become heavy or painful can mean that there is possibly problems with your reproductive system. If there are any issues with your period it is always a good idea to arrange a visit to a private gynaecology clinic such as Gynaesthetics London. These changes to your period could be sign of endometriosis, adenomyosis, fibroids or polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) therefore it is always better to get a consultation from a health professional rather than suffering in silence.

Each woman who visits our discrete, calming clinic is different from the next, so our consultations are tailored to each individual patient to ensure they receive the highest level of care possible. Each woman receives a detailed diagnosis and treatment while at Gynaesthetics London.

To arrange a consultation regarding periods and health, please visit our contact page or call us on 0782 597 0530. Our expert team will be more than happy to address your concerns and to provide you with any information you require regarding visiting our private gynaecology clinic in London.

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