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Women's Health

The Gyneaesthetics London Women’s Health Clinic in London can provide in-depth consultations and assessment on a range of health and medical issues that affect women.

Our women’s wellness and Gynaecology clinic, offers planned care with an exceptionally qualified Gynaecologist who has over 25 years of experience in the field of women’s health. The service we offer is calming, relaxing and comprehensive.

If you require any health check-ups or advice on gynaecological concerns then do not hesitate to visit our Gynaecology Clinic in London. The whole team at Gyneaesthetics London provide complete care from diagnosis to treatment, and while our prices are extremely competitive we never compromise on the quality of care our patients receive.

Women’s Health London

We have a range of treatments levels to ensure that each woman who visits our clinic in London can feel comfortable with the amount of detail in the care they have during their visit to us.

Below see the different levels we offer and examples of the type of diagnosis and treatments that are included in that bracket.

Level 1 – Recommended for women up to 45 years

Women who opt for Level 1 treatment at the Gyneaesthetics London Women’s Health Clinic can expect to receive an assessment of their health history as well as measurements of their blood pressure and weight.

We will also perform an examination of the breasts, abdomen and pelvic organs to check for any abnormality as well as performing a transvaginal scan.

Along with these checks we also test to find out your full blood count, lipid profile and your liver and kidney function.

Level 2 – Recommended for women between 40 to 50 years

Should you choose the level 2 treatment, you will receive a CA 125 for ovarian screen in addition to everything that is featured in Level 1.

This screen helps to diagnose ovarian cancer at the earliest opportunity. Women with ovarian cancer are normally found to have more CA125 in their blood than women who do not, and this test is inclusive of the Level 2 treatment plan at our London Women’s Health Clinic.

Level 3 – Recommended for women above 50 years

This treatment involves everything you would receive in Level 1 and Level 2, while we additionally perform a breast mammogram to x-ray your breasts to identify early stages of breast cancer.

As well as all three levels of treatment that we provide we can also offer cervical cancer screening which can be included in any level health care plan.

For further details on the work of Gyneaesthetics London Women’s Health Clinic in London, please contact us today by calling 0782 597 0530. Alternatively you can book here. Our team can use their expertise and knowledge to determine the best health plan for you.


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