Vaginoplasty – Vaginal Tightening

Vaginoplasty – Vaginal Tightening Surgery in London

Vaginoplasty or vaginal tightening are the names given to cosmetic gynaecology surgery which constructs, reconstructs or tightens the vagina. These procedures may be necessary for different reasons, such as natural changes caused by childbirth, ageing or weight loss. Women may choose these treatments because they suffer from feelings of discomfort and unhappiness due to the general appearance of their genitals. Feelings of this nature are deeply personal and unique to the individual. It is because of this that we strive to offer a trusted service which is delivered by an understanding and caring team of professionals. When you visit Gyneaesthetics London for vaginoplasty or vaginal tightening you can benefit from entering into a calming and discrete environment that can help keep you at ease throughout your procedure and recovery. A woman who chooses to have vaginoplasty or a vaginal tightening procedure will benefit from a procedure that both tightens and strengthens the vagina canal walls. The canal walls can become loose, stretched and weakened throughout the natural ageing process. Or this could be due to less common, but just as disruptive to everyday life, vaginal birth defects.

Care, Compassion & Quality

We are committed to offering only the best cosmetic gynaecological treatment to our patients no matter what surgeries they require. We can perform these treatments as a single procedure or alongside other surgeries. The aim is to provide women with a complete rejuvenation of their vagina.

Our private consultant Gynaecologist Mr Mohammad Masood is a specialist Gynaecological surgeon with many years of experience to his name.He has performed a vast number of successful vaginoplasty and vaginal tightening surgeries. Any patient of ours can rest assured that the procedure has been carried out by a highly qualified and knowledgeable professional.

The rest of our expert team here at Gyneaesthetics London, including our own private female Gynaecologist, are all highly experienced. Your vaginoplasty treatment and recovery will be as easy and as comfortable as possible.

For more information on our vaginoplasty service or to arrange a consultation you can call our friendly, discrete team on 0782 597 0530. They will be more than happy to advise you and provide you with any you need. Alternatively, fill in our contact form or email us at

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