Heavy Period Treatments

Heavy Period Treatments

Heavy periods are when during a period some women lose what would be considered an excessive amount of blood compared to others. Medically, heavy periods are known as a condition called ‘menorrhagia’.

The excess bleeding suffered during a heavy period isn’t necessarily an indication of there being anything seriously wrong, though it can be very disruptive in regards to going about your day to day life, as additionally, symptoms like period pain can commonly occur alongside a heavy period.

Heavy Period Causes

It is not uncommon for the cause of a heavy period to go unidentified, but there are several symptoms that have been known to cause heavy periods.

They include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Fibroids – non-cancerous growths, of varying sizes and shapes, that can occur in the uterus wall and lining
  • Endometriosis – lining or tissue otherwise found in the womb is found in other areas of the body such as the ovaries or fallopian tubes
  • Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) – a common medical complaint in women, it can cause irregular periods, which once they restart can be particularly heavy


What is a heavy period?

Deciding what you would exactly class as a heavy period is difficult as a heavy period can be different from one woman to another. A heavy period for one woman might not be considered heavy at all for another woman. The majority of women know what amount of bleeding is regular for them so they notice when the level of bleeding increases.

Ways to measure if your blood loss during a period would be considered heavy for you are as follows:

  • The amount of pads or tampons you are using during your period is higher than you are used to
  • You bleed heavily through to your bedding or onto your clothes
  • You feel the need to use tampons and pads at the same time

If you suffer from heavy periods, it’s very likely that you suffer in silence. Heavy period treatment is still a highly delicate and difficult issue to talk about – and this often means that women go for years without seeking the help and medical attention that could make their quality of life so much better.

However, at Gyneaesthetics London We have been treating heavy periods for decades. So, whether you know the cause of your significant bleeds and are now looking for relevant treatment, or you are only just seeking help and diagnosis for the first time, attending a private consultation with us can really take the stress out of your experience.

Our team will assist you from the start of your heavy period treatment to the finish, discreetly and sensitively handling all of your concerns and questions and ensuring complete transparency throughout, helping you to discover all the answers and head for recovery with confidence. Or visit our blog to read more about what you can do to help with heavy periods.

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