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How to Prepare for Your Surgery

How to Prepare for Your Surgery: If it has been decided that you require gynaecology surgery, then you can rest easy in the knowledge that at Gynaesthetics London you have a relaxing, sensitive environment in which to undergo whichever procedure our expert gynaecologists have recommended to you.

Based at our private gynaecology clinic on our discrete approach allows you to feel at ease prior to your surgery – but did you know there are several things you can do yourself to prepare for your gynaecology surgery?

Pre-Operative Appointment
It is always advisable to attend a pre-operative assessment – this is a massive part of how to prepare for gynaecology surgery. This will include questions regarding your medical history and general health and part of the assessment will determine if you require specialist care during the procedure and as part of your recovery from the surgery.

The pre-op will require you to inform your gynaecologist and surgeon of any medication you are taking as well as any current conditions you may have. Normally this appointment will take place one or two days prior to your gynaecology surgery.

We provide information on the following:

  • If you need to amend your eating and drinking habits prior to your operation
  • If you can continue to take your usual medication before surgery
  • If you need to bring anything to our clinic or to hospital
  • If you will be required to stay overnight following the procedure

Picking Gynaesthetics London for my gynaecology surgery was the perfect choice!

As part of the preparation for your gynaecology surgery, you will need to remove all piercings, nail polish and makeup as this can help to reduce the amount of bacteria brought into the clinic or hospital. It is also advisable to have a shower or bath prior to arriving at the hospital. Do not shave or wax the area in question as this could increase the chance of a wound infection. If any hair needs to be removed this can be done by a medical professional.

Emotional Preparation
If you are wondering how to prepare for gynaecology surgery, then it is imperative that you prepare emotionally to undergo the procedure. Think positively and voice any concerns or questions you have to your gynaecologist or surgeon. All of this will help you to relax and to put you in the best frame of mind ahead of the gynaecology surgery.

Physical Preparation
As mentioned before you will be advised on amending your diet prior to surgery but even so it is advisable to stick to healthy foods. Good nutrition will support your body when it comes to fighting infections and it will also aid your recovery time. Remember to remain well hydrated and if you have been given any post-procedure exercises to perform it will do no harm to practice them ahead of entering surgery.

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