Incontinence Treatment

Incontinence Treatment

Urogynaecology and female incontinence is a highly personal and delicate issue that can often prove very difficult to discuss. Whether your problems are caused by an overactive bladder or a prolapsed uterus, bladder or pelvic floor; surgery and treatment is easily and readily available from the team at  Gyneaesthetics London.


What is Urinary Incontinence?

Urinary incontinence is when you pass urine when you did not intend to do so. It is thought to affect millions of people across the world and not just women. It can come in several forms such as the following:

  • Total Incontinence – this is when you regularly leak or pass urine as your bladder simply cannot held any urine
  • Chronic Urinary Retention or Overflow – this is when you urinate but cannot manage to fully drain your bladder which then causes leaking
  • Stress Incontinence- this occurs when you pass urine at times you are under stress such as when you are laughing or frightened
  • Urge Incontinence- this is when you leak urine when you suddenly get the urge to urinate

Urinary Incontinence



Total Urinary Incontinence can be caused issues with your bladder which you have had since birth or as a result of a spinal injury. Overflow or Chronic Urinary Retention, is usually down to a blockage in or near to your bladder which means it cannot empty as it should.

Stress Incontinence can come due to damage to the urethral sphincter or pelvic floor muscles. Urge Incontinence is most commonly caused as a result your detrusor muscles being overactive. These are the muscles which control the bladder by relaxing to allow urine storage and contracting to allow urination.


No one should be forced to put up with their lifestyle being constantly interrupted by problems arising from their personal health concerns. If you’re looking for weak bladder treatment or have general urinary issues, arranging professional care is definitely the best way to move forward and take control of your life.

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