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Laparoscopic Surgery: Advantages

There are many uses and advantages of laparoscopic surgery, which is also known as keyhole surgery, when it comes to gynaecology. Gynaesthetics London’s consultant gynaecologist Mohammad Masood specialises in laparoscopic surgery and his expertise in this area allows for our patients to feel as though they are undergoing a less invasive surgery and one that is taking place in a calming, discrete environment.

Amongst the advantages of laparoscopic surgery are that it can help to treat gynaecological issues that may affect a couple from conceiving.  The benefits of laparoscopy for infertility are that conditions such as uterine fibroids and endometriosis, which can prevent conception in certain cases, can be treated and eradicated in a way that leaves minimal scarring and has a significantly lower recovery time compared to more invasive surgeries. Specialist laparoscopic surgeons like Mr Masood can perform big operations like hysterectomy through keyhole surgery.

Laparoscopic Surgery Advantages

To perform laparoscopic surgery Mr Masood will make a small incision into your lower abdomen. This will allow for both the treatment and diagnosis of gynaecological conditions and because of the minimality of the surgery our patients will be able to benefit from being able to return home on the same day in most cases. Another advantage is that the procedure is performed under a general anaesthetic, so you will feel no pain whatsoever during the surgery. There are no unsighted scars.

The name laparoscopic surgery comes from the word laparoscope, which is a medical instrument that has a minuscule camera on the end. It is this small camera that allows Gynaesthetics London to see any issues and then to use their expertise to efficiently and effectively diagnose the exact gynaecological problem. Normally during diagnostic keyhole surgery, the procedure will take a shorter time than if a patient is receiving treatment.

Gynaecological Laparoscopy

One of the advantages of laparoscopic surgery is the vast amount of conditions it can diagnose and treat.

Among these conditions are the following:

As well as the above conditions, Mr Masood is experience and highly-qualified in keyhole surgery involving Sacrohysteropexy and Sacrocolpopexy surgeries. These procedures rectify womb and pelvic organ prolapses.

An initial common consultation with us will decide if a gynaecological laparoscopy is the correct type of surgery for you to receive. Your age, general medical condition and weight will be factors in deciding if this surgery is right for you, while there simply could be other forms of treatment which are better suited for your individual case.

If you believe you are suffering from a gynaecological problem that Gynaesthetics London could diagnose, and then treat, with laparoscopic surgery, or you would simply like a general consultation, please do not hesitate to visit our contact page to get in touch our expert team. You can also call us directly on 0782 597 0530.

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